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Quilts For Orphans

For the benefit of those new to our ministry and what we do, I'll just update you. We have, over the nearly ten years that we have been in existence, sent close to 2000 quilts (like the ones we gave to the students from Billanook) across the globe to those in need of the comfort that a fabric 'hug' can give. The quilts are made, both by us from donated fabric .. and by offsite stitchers who gift us their quilts.

These gifted quilts are sometimes completed, and sometimes in the form of 'tops' which are yet to be finished off. In order to complete our quilts we need to purchase the inner filling (batting) and this works out at around $250 per roll. A roll of batting can help create approximately 40 quilts. Whilst fabric and quilt tops are often donated, the expensive batting rarely is, and we are loath to ask folks to dig quite that deep to help us. It's a HUGE ask, I'm sure you'd agree. So, long story cut short, we have to fundraise during the year at local quilt fairs where possible, and at our annual November two day Quilt Fair held at our Barn in Monbulk. We sell quilts which we have made, and sometimes a few of the quilt tops which we have received and finished are included in these sales. We also sell some items that we have made from the fabric that has been donated to us .. and we make up fat quarters from some of this fabric also ... as part of our fundraising. Without the blessing of the donated fabrics and tops that we receive we wouldn't be able to create items to sell to raise the cash needed to buy batting. I'm putting this 'out there' in order to explain how we fund our little charity .. which exists completely as a stand alone ministry and receives no funding other than what we are able to generate by the sale of some of our 'products', which in turn have been blessings to us from our supporters out there. I'm just trusting that everyone is understanding of how QFO keeps on keeping on, as the saying goes. And having said that .. we plan to be around for a looong time yet, as the demand for our fabric 'hugs' continue to be received :)

We are beginning preparations for our Annual fundraising Quilt Fair which will be held on the weekend of 11th and 12th of November. Running from 10 a.m till 4 p.m on both days at the Barn ... it promises to be a wonderful opportunity to not only generate the funding needed to purchase batting for all the quilts we hope to create in 2018. It is also a great way to show folk attending exactly what QFO is all about.


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